Vision Statement

Participate in the creation of resilient and connected communities with a strong connection to the spirit of the Earth – Gaia, with a strong connection to nature, with a strong connection to ourselves and our fellow human beings.

Mission Statement

Living our vision through the Three Sacred Elements of Life; Sacred Service, Sacred Practice and Sacred Community. Sacred Service incorporates service to self, Gaia/Earth, and others. Sacred Practice is living life through responsibility, knowledge, wisdom, compassion and gratitude. Sacred Community is sharing our lives, knowledge, skills and wisdom with others as we create connection and resilience within our communities.

This also includes our relationship and responsibility to the ecosystems and resources of Gaia/Earth.

Gaian Heart Wisdom Vision and Mission Statements
Connected Community Building Resilience Together. Workshops - Market - Community Dinner - Repair Cafe
Wild Gaia - Gardens of Unity Community Service Guide. A free online directory of links and information that empower people with the tools to make sustainable and renewable choices.

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